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To implement our page templates, I’ll be using a child theme based on the Twenty Seventeen parent theme, which (at the time of writing) is the latest default WordPress theme. Finally, I’ll show you three real-world examples of fully working dynamic page templates. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll assume that you’re working with WordPress locally throughout the rest of this tutorial.

  • 525+ shortcodes and options
  • Click the Upload tab
  • NGO, Non Profit and Church WordPress themes
  • Reviews (1)
  • We can now begin arranging the menu items into multi-level
  • Go back to your WordPress Admin Panel. You’ll be prompted to log in again
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.1 or greater

To follow along with this tutorial series, you’ll need a WordPress site with admin access. In this tutorial series, I’ll be looking at how you can extend page templates to be more flexible, improving their functionality greatly. By default, a page template will simply carry out a fixed function, e.g. display a sitemap, speed up wordpress or remove the sidebar to display a full-width page.

What you need to do: WordPress does it out of the box. To do this, from the widget page, click the drop down box under Current Widgets. The Colorful Text Widget plugin allows you to bring colour to your text widgets by changing the text, title and background colours of these widgets.

This plugin allows users to convert their site into an app. Once your site is back up, ensure that you delete the lines you added to your theme’s function.php file to prevent the updating each time your site is viewed. It will also at the same time notify the major search engines.

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